New Home in 2011

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ok, finally my new home will be available in 2011. This will feature my blog in expanded form. I most likely will not transfer any content from this blog as its not really my best. I will have a shop available and my own patterns. I am really excited about the pattern writing process. I am experimenting with lots of different techniques so I can master everything.

Check it out and I will update when I get it tweaked to how I want it:)

Other than that, lots of knitting... A fair isle sweater created as a copy of another sweater. Anxiety about cutting the steeks is subsiding as I wrap up the body. I am overly anxious about the sleeves and keeping the pattern in check. UGH I don't think this was the right thing to start of designing. I'll most likely offer the pattern in one size when I complete it. I imagine lots of cussing, frogging, tears and possibly Valium as I struggle to complete the sleeves.

I have lots of projects planned afterwords and I have been monogamous unfortunately as I try to finish the sweater so it can be worn on Christmas. Well it might become a vest for Christmas and a sweater for next year. :)

I haven't been knitting with the group anymore but I am getting so much more done.

I am beefing up my writing and helping generate exposure for 3 other company websites. My days are long and I don't remember what a 6 hour night of sleep is anymore. 5 or less has been the norm for about, oh, 6 months. I can't imagine how I am really functioning. Other news, I am venturing into the world of recruiting.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Its been a long time but I will be moving my blog to a new place within the next couple of weeks. This one will still be around but I think I am going to take this one in a new direction most likely of fashion/shopping. I am switching over to a wordpress blog and I will post the link as soon as its up and running!


Monday, June 21, 2010

I haven't been posting because of things that have overwhelmed me the last couple of weeks. I have been knitting and a wee bit of crochet. I even dyed some bamboo yarn! I will post more most likely after I get back from vacation to PR. I should be moving to a new spot as well!!

Hankering for the Hook

Friday, May 28, 2010

I have been lazy lately on posting. I started the semester this week and I am really liking online classes. In knitting news, I finished my entrelac tee and I need to stretch it out just a wee bit. I knit it tighter since its Summer Tweed with the expectation of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g.

I started the Aran Necklace Camisole from the same IK issue. I just picked up stitches for the back tonight. The construction is great---you knit the cabled necklace first then pick up stitches in the front and back. Ingenious short rows. I really should practice more with short rows as I want to make shawl patterns that utilize them. I do think this tank is going to go fast. I will probably need another skein.

I am going to start looking for yarns this week to start the Mister's fair isle sweater. I am going to post a picture of it later this week. Its a true fair isle with patterning from collar to cuff. Lucky me but I will acquire the esteemed art of steeking with this project. Oh and the sweater is in goddamn fingering weight. Well at least I can use sock yarn:)

I really have a itch to crochet lately. I am loving the Julie cuff, Boteh scarf (Miss Babs),and Wavelength(Noro K sock). I am too lazy to link tonight. Oh and I am going to start the Chain Maille scarf tonight which is just chain st and slip stitch. I have some ugly yarn that will most likely pool in any other project.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Why can't people measure their projects on Ravelry? UGH. Sometimes I just want to scream while browsing the site. I like to make projects in different weights and I would like to view others projects that do the same. How long does it take to measure?
Also, go weigh your yarn at the post office if you have some left over. Well that's what I do--I have no intention of buying a scale. Why not utilize the tools that we have?

Enough for now. Off to finish my entrelac tee!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here is a picture of my brother's class while they were taking formal pictures. Don't ask just marvel at my picture taking skills ha!

Here we are:) If you know me, there are more candids on my facebook.

In other news, I decided to take only online classes this semester since its summer. I forgot Marcy's Citron on our trip and am bummed about that. Dad and Marcy took us to Hunting Beach in SC on Saturday with Lawrence. Its a natural beach and gorgeous. If you are in SC close to Beaufort, go see it. I probably should have taken pictures but sand and electronics do not mix well.

Running on Empty

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Its been a hell of a time getting back into a routine. My last exams were Tuesday:) and I have been scrambling to finish Citron for Marcy. So a quick recap...

I got some more babysitting gigs. Hopefully they will use me a lot. One family will probably be very sporadic which is okay. Weird family dynamic. The other gig is 3 neighbors so I hope to get a lot of jobs from them.

I bought some books for summer reading at B&N. I know I bought Thunderstruck by Eric Larson. I read Devil in the White City and I liked it even though I did skip over some of the fair chapters since they were super boring! I bought 2 more but I really cannot think of what they are and they are in my car.

I will BO my Citron in I-cord at some point tomorrow. I guestimate I will need around 2 hours. Whew. I don't think it will take long to block so if I pin in out before I hit the bars it definitely will be dry by lunch on Saturday.

I am headed down to Savannah tonight and we might be going to A Taste of Alpharetta tonight. I vote for a nap since I am so tired. I will be buying a 5 hour energy shot soon. My brother is graduating on Sunday and I think its going to be very emotional. I will post pictures of some sort when I get back and hopefully I will be tanned.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am horrible at consistently posting. So here is an all-in-one post for the Knit & Crochet blog week!

Is there a skill related to your hobby that you hope to learn one day? maybe you’re a crocheter who’d also like to knit? Maybe you’d like to learn to knit continental, knit backwards, try cables or attempt stranded colorwork.

I am going to steek this year. At some point at least! I gave Drew the gift of two sweaters for Christmas and I have to churn out a cabled one and a fair isle re-creation and mesh with an old sweater of his and an Alice Starmore pattern. The cabled sweater is featured in the last post. I really am terrified to cut my knitting up especially a fair isle. So I will practice LOTS with swatch tubes until I feel comfortable.

Where do you like to indulge in your craft? Is your favorite arm chair your little knitting cubby area, or do you prefer to ‘knit in public’? Do you like to crochet in the outdoors, perhaps, or knit in the bath, or at the pub?

I like to knit and crochet every place I can whether in public or at my house. I have a little corner in my bedroom with these fantastic tufted vintage chairs, a lamp and a wicker basket overflowing with projects. I will post a picture later when I am home. I sometimes knit in bed especially when I am at the Mister's. We have a policy of only knitting while he is on the computer. I don't like the policy but he is on the computer most of the time.

Do you have a particular knitting/crochet tool or piece of equipment that you love to use? Maybe it is an old bent pair of needles that used to belong to someone special, or a gorgeous rosewood hand-turned crochet hook that you just love the feel of? Write about what you love it.

I love using my interchangable needle set just because I am not limited to how many projects with a certain needle size.

There’s one love that we all share: yarn. Blog about a particular yarn you have used in the past or own in your stash, or perhaps one that you covet from afar. If it is a yarn you have used you could show the project that you used it for, perhaps writing a mini ‘review’. Perhaps, instead, you pine for the feel of the almost mythical qiviut? You could explore and research the raw material and manufacturing process if you were feeling investigative.

Oh the yarn I love. I am a hoarder of Cascade 220, Cascade Eco, and Noro. I have just found Berroco Vintage and I cannot wait to knit with that. I also bought some Miss Babs and Lisa Souza yarn that seem to be a nice extra to have in your stash. I love Cascade 220 and Eco for their workhorse capabilities. Noro is a beautiful yarn to create something unique and special with.

One Great Knitter

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.

One knitter that really gets my mojo going is Norah Gaughan. I love her patterns and I have many in my queue. She is inspired by nature and currently has 453 patterns listed on Ravelry. Her latest feat is a collaboration for a book Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans. I just bought it and I am waiting for it to be shipped. I want to knit afghans now. Every one of them in this book!

I don't have a crocheter that I absolutely adore so its all about knitting today:(

Here are some of Norah's patterns that I hope to be knitting soon....


In other news, I am so close to finishing Citron for Marcy. I have to ship it by Monday at the latest unless I ship it UPS. Which I will probably do anyways since the USPS is so unreliable.

I also think that I am going to try and post certain things on different days of the week. Wednesday will be current WIPs (works in progress). Friday will be FOs (finished objects). I haven't thought of the other days and I don't know if my life and knitting is interesting enough to write about every day. Two days is enough consistent blogging.

I found some novelty (gasp!) yarn at Stitches that I really like Cocoon or something. Webs carries it and it will be about $150 to knit/crochet a blanket out of it. It reminds me of a fuzzy caterpillar. I fondled it at the Universal Yarn stand at Stitches and was amazed. Its soft and can be made in a variety of ways for different effects.

I had some moles removed last Friday and I am pretty sure the one on my chest has become infected even with the use of Polysporin. I can't really access the ones on my back so I have to rely on the Mister.

The Mister has been overwhelmingly nice lately and I hope that this trend is here to stay. He will be going with me back home in a couple of weeks for my brother's graduation. I am having someone come look at my apartment and meet me on Friday afternoon to see if she wants to rent it. Hopefully she works out. I have weeded out some crazies and scammers already.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to. Whether it happens to be because the skills needed are ones which you have not yet acquired, or just because it seems like a huge undertaking of time and dedication, most people feel they still have something to aspire to in their craft. If you don’t feel like you have any left of the mountain of learning yet to climb, say so!

This is extreme inspiration:

This is ma-cherie from Ravelry. A wedding dress. Crocheted. Floor length. Need I say more?

And this is a fair-isle sweater which I absolutely love. lorijo from Ravelry knit this. Beautiful colors and FAIR ISLE. I will knit a least 1 fair isle sweater this year. One for Drew and possibly one for me:)

What inspires you?

Starting out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

This is the start of a week long blog week hosted by Eskimimi Knits.

How and when did you begin knitting/crocheting? was it a skill passed down through generations of your family, or something you learned from Knitting For Dummies? What or who made you pick up the needles/hook for the first time? Was it the celebrity knitting ‘trend’ or your great aunt Hilda?

I began crocheting around the age of 5. My dad asked an older woman to teach my mother and me. I remember my great-grandmother crocheting as a child and I have many of her blankets. I crocheted lots of crochet booties that were basically rectangles that I sewed up. I was ambitious at that age even with some Red Heart---I wanted to crochet a blanket in candy apple red and white. Needless to say that it didn't get very far. I didn't pick up the hooks again consistently until I discovered real patterns that were new exciting and updated around the time that I learned to knit.

I learned to knit when I was 17 and my Latin teacher taught me. She even let me skip class one day to go to a yarn/needlepoint store about a block away from my high school. I knit like 30 scarves that year almost all of them with fringe and cheap cheap yarn. The ones I have given to a select few of my family still wear them even though I cringe when I see them. I also learned how to cable and knit in the round. I made many hats as well. I got made fun of by my family and some pals that didn't knit but now I have them begging for items;)

I have dabbled in many other craft mediums: beadwork, painting, papermaking, calligraphy, sewing, paper mache...well you get the idea. I really feel connected to my knitting and crochet. I love wearing things that I have made and I like giving them as gifts even those who don't really understand the love and care that goes into making something. Check out Knitterella's gift labels here and they are perfect for those sort of people.

Stitches South

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I went to Stitches with a pal and met up with all of our regular knitting group. I didn't take pictures while I was there. I must say I was a little disappointed by the number of booths but I found some great yarn! I admired the yarn for quite sometime at Tess' Designer yarns. Great colors and yardage. I bought the most yarn from Webs. I discovered Berroco Vintage which I cannot wait to knit up. I also bought some Noro Yuzen that was on sale. I bought 3 skeins from Miss Babs and she is very nice. I am in love with Lisa Souza yarns. Their colors are so rich and saturated its amazing. The picture doesn't do it justice.

In other news, I am trying to get back into running shape. Its rough and I am sore everyday. It will pay off though sitting in a little bikini in Puerto Rico in a couple of months! I put an ad for a roommate up today and in like an hour I had someone respond. We are meeting on Friday and I hope she will be a good fit. I am really not ready to give up my freedom but I am not in my apartment a lot. The extra money will be really nice. I will post pictures of my yarn next time it is taking forever for them to load tonight:)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ah, my week is now complete. Having Fridays off is really awesome. I do have to get up early tomorrow for 2 morning doctor's appointments. I have horrible anxiety about going to the doctor. If I have to sit in a room for more than 15 minutes before they come in I really start to panic. I don't know why and unlike most people, I love going to the dentist. Maybe because they always tell me I have great teeth:)

Marcy's Citron is chugging along and I hope to get it finished by next weekend at the latest. Its mindless but lace weight white yarn is a big difficult to see sometimes. I am blocking my Clapotis today on my couch and I hope it will be dry before I go to Stitches South tomorrow afternoon. If not I will whip out the blow dryer.

I bought a domain today for my 'brand' if you must. So I will be moving over to a new place that I can call my own soon! I have been watching Etsy daily at different times to see what price points that items are selling and it just has gotten ridiculously cheap. I will have more freedoms at my own site so I will be working on that probably on Fridays. My blog will move over there and I will be selling items that I have made and patterns eventually.

I am going to the Ravelry event tonight and I hope to have pictures posted of all the festivities of Stitches at some point.

Catch up

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So last week was tough for me. I got fired on Wednesday after having my personal character and work ethic attacked and discredited. Lots of wine and resume writing later... Then I was re-hired on Friday with many apologies. I did agree to come back and now I am working in another department. I was happy that it was realized that my quick exit was not with merit of any kind. I did have extreme doubts all weekend about coming back to a company that allowed this to happen in the first place. So far so good:)

Here is a picture of the Noro soaker I made. It took around 115 yards of Kureyon which is technically one skein. I made the small size of the Vanilla pattern so I should be able to make the newborn size with under one skein! I also bought some more Cashwool from a fellow raveler. One is a great pink and the other a nice light lavender. I am going to make another Citron for myself and a cute lace shrug from Stitch Diva. Its a new pattern with the yarn held double. I think I am going to use the lighter color for it and the pink for the Citron. I just blocked my entrelac tee and I have to add a lower garter stitch border. I tried it on today and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it even as it is unfinished!

Next week I will be participating in Knit and Crochet Blog week held by Eskimimi Knits. Every day there will be a new topic that everyone participating will write about. I think it will be a fun thing to do for a week!

Best of all I will be off on Fridays now:) More time for life and knitting!

I close with an unblocked picture of my Clapotis...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

I find myself addicted to Google Analytics like some people are addicted to facebook. I check it at least once a day. Here are some stats. The average time spent on my site is 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Out of 13 visitors, only 11% have only came to my site once. I am happy so far with the numbers since this blog is only a month old. Maybe I can right about more interesting things:)

I found my camera charger and I will be hopefully posting a picture-rich post by this afternoon or at least by tomorrow.

Noro soakers will be added to my Etsy along with some flower earrings:)

Flying off of the Needles

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have been knitting up a storm lately. Probably spawned by the SIX hours I spent at Meineke on Saturday. I finished a Thermis cowl and started Betty's Tee. Not very impressed with the Thermis cowl but I will modify the pattern a bit to make it again. I knit the ribbing in twisted rib (I like the cleaner look) and I should have changed the waffle pattern. Yuck.

Betty's Tee is knit in entrelac which I adore. The construction is a little vague but it is flying off of the needles. I am already finishing up one sleeve which looks like I am 80% done! I will post pictures as soon as I find my camera charger or more batteries. I am making it in Rowan Summer Tweed which is nice and pricey. I am worried about the length of the little tee but I can always pick up and knit a nice border around the bottom if needed. I hope that it fits and I will most likely knit this again. The cast-on is only 94 stitches for the smallest size and that was a little daunting to think about.

My Clapotis is blocking and I cannot wait to wear it! And I will be posting new scarves and soakers to Etsy hopefully later tonight. I knit a lovely soaker in Noro and I almost don't want to sell it even though I really have no use for a infant soaker. I do need to find a child to borrow to take a stock photo to use. I am also going to whip up some more flower earrings and start wearing them all the time. Nothing better than wearing your own knits to sell!

I cast on for Citron this weekend but I didn't like the yarn I was saving for it so I am going to use Cashwool in cream. Call me crazy to knit it in lace weight but I need to knit that out of my stash.

I am also swatching for my own shawl pattern! I am dawdling on this but I hope to have something completed by the middle of May.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Its been a blah week. Nothing exciting happened yet nothing good either. I did get some knitting done and finished my Clapotis which will have pics as soon as it finishes blocking. Yay! I am so excited that I finished this FINALLY. I have lost ambition in my own knitting projects recently.

I almost feel the same way about the Mister. I just need more from him. I can't deal with the emotional turmoil any longer. . I am sad about it but have a lingering feeling that he is pursuing others. Not a good feeling to have. Unfortunately, I did try to nip this in the bud when I moved out, but alas, the phrase 'Don't call me anymore' does not work for everyone. Or the last 2 relationships I had. And those guys still call me. Blow out that candle, please. I will not date you ever again.

Maybe I just need a puppy.

Attack of the Pollen!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Today has been the worst on the pollen scale so far. I knew on Saturday that it was going to be a rough week. My car had a faint halo of pollen on Saturday. When I left work today my car now has a lovely pale yellow tint. I have to buy some Zyrtec tonight to try and combat my allergies with Flonase.

No goodies on Saturday from my friends, just some fingering weight acrylic and some wool for babies clothes and Debbie Bliss Cathay. I can at least make baby clothes out of it. For other people, of course, not myself at the present time nor the near future.

I didn't do anything for Easter and I really dislike going to church on holidays. I didn't get up early enough to go to a sunrise service and those are the only ones I like to go to on Easter anyways.

I got a ton of knitting done. Well, a ton in relation to what volume I have been knitting. I am whipping out novelty scarves like a bat out of hell. I am totally surprised because it really is agitating to even touch. (As I shudder) I cranked out almost 3 this week! I have also been churning out simple crocheted headbands from a free pattern found here . I will be mailing some to my sister to wear and selling them on Etsy I suppose.

On Saturday I did venture to Cast-On for a peek in and I ended up buying yarn for 2 summer garments, the Aran Necklace Camisole and Betty's Tee. These patterns are in the latest issue of IK. I really do love this issue and I have Mona's Jacket on the needles from the same issue. So for these patterns I bought some Berroco Naturlin in navy and Rowan summer tweed in a great shade of red to make these patterns. Its actually the first time I have bought the exact yarn used in the pattern. I don't recommend it mostly because I am almost positive that those people that publish get incentives for choosing a company's yarn. And you will never find new and exciting yarns and venture into the unknown.

I found a new favorite martini this past weekend. Pear martinis are absolutely divine. I am a sucker for pomegranate martinis but have found that some people just don't make them very well. Or chocolate ones for that matter.

I also bought a manequin this weekend off of ebay for about $20. Its basically a torso and I am going to use it for photgraphing my Etsy scarves. It should be here by the end of the week!

Here is the beginnings of a Noro soaker:)

Spring is here!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It is beautiful outside and actually has been for the last few days. Aside from the pollen attacking me, it is great. Short post for now, I am going over to a friend's to look at her yarn stash and maybe bring some of it back for myself! I will update later with pics of goodies and will be updating my etsy site with a few more soakers and novelty scarves. Oddly, fun fur flies off of my needles. I have some Bernat Boa I have been using as well and I don't like that as much but more reason to knit it up!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No words can explain how I feel today. Well maybe shocked. I somehow always am getting in trouble for doing the right thing. I don't really know how to process what I got told today. I guess being efficient and asking people to help them with things is wrong? Wow. Wow. Wow. Has our society really gotten that lazy where people that actually have a work ethic are punished? I really miss working at CVS. I got to work to my heart's content and was commended and well loved. The only thing they could have fixed was the pay:)

Another thing that bothered me in the past couple of days was watching Harry Potter on Sunday on ABC Family. I think that the shows that they advertise on that channel is outrageous. Its called ABC Family and all of the shows are about teenagers getting pregnant. Again, what is wrong with society today? We have a morning-after pill especially targeted and advertised to 17 year-olds and under. I have seen my fair share of teenage pregnancies working in the pharmacy and girls as young as 12 are getting prenatal vitamins. Maybe I should move to Europe. America has become morally backwards and retarded.

I haven't done much actual knitting this week. I don't count knitting fun fur but I am still knitting that keyhole scarf. Maybe I will finish it today. A girl in one of my classes was wearing a fun fur scarf today. hehehe I can't help but think why people like those scarves so much? Is it the fact that its fuzzy? Or the fact that its called fun fur and comes in wacky colors?

My shawl designing class did start this week and I am really excited about it. Really really excited. I had to go to Decatur today and I stopped in Sheepish and bought Barbara Walker's second knitting treasury. I have been meaning to buy these and they are a wealth of stitch patterns for every knitter no matter the skill level. I am hopefully going to pick out stitch patterns to swatch up this weekend and pick the best one(s) for my first shawl pattern. For the knitter that is not so in tune with Barbara Walker check out this site. Its called the Walker Treasury Project and it is actually swatches of quite a few of her stitch patterns. These are shown in color and they have very detailed notes of the yarn used etc. in each post. The visual entries are growing quickly so soon all of the treasury stitch patterns will be on the site.

I really need to start exercising soon. And finish cleaning my house. And knit more. I am not doing a good job of any of this laying in bed and eating thin mints and watching reruns of Kell on Earth. By the way, I love her and a combination of her and Anna Wintour is the person I strive to be. Bitchy and fashionable. Tres chic.

Pictures next time:)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its been a horribly long week, yesterday was by far the worse. Its actually the first St. Patrick's Day I spent by myself. I wish I could have been in Savannah enjoying the parade and vodka at 10 AM. St. Pat's has always been a favorite holiday of mine and I met Mister on St. Pat's two years ago. Not that it says much since he is not speaking to me right now. I might have someone interested in moving in, not sure yet.

The worst thing happened to me yesterday... I was buying shoes at DSW and I gave the associate my telephone number to look up my rewards card and I paid and I left. The next thing I know my phone is ringing. I thought it could be the girl interested in renting with me, so I answered. No. It was, in fact, a creepy ass 50+ year old that was standing behind me in line that apparently had a intent on memorizing my number. He then proceeded to ask me on a date. I told him he was a creep and hung up. And I blocked that number. I will be sending an email to their corporate office letting them know what happened and maybe they will change their procedure to type your own number in on the credit card terminal like many other companies. I am highly appalled and frankly disgusted.

In knitting news, I have gotten absolutely none done this week. I hope to knit some tonight. I did sign up for Stephanie Japel's Design your own Shawl class online found here. I am pretty excited about it:) Maybe I will have some pictures of finished items in a day or so!

Moody Mondays

Monday, March 15, 2010

Today was my first day back at work after a glorious eight day, unpaid, no less, short cohort after my surgery. I actually had a surprisingly pleasant day at work. I even received a red tulip potted plant and a nice card as a 'get well' present. (Even though I am already well haha---its the point that counts right?) Unfortunately I cannot tell if I am just suffering horribly from allergies right now or I am allergic to the plant. My nose and eyes have been suffering for 2 days now so its probably just seasonal:)

I am writing this instead of wrapping up my history paper. Procrastination has literally got me wound around its pinkie. Sigh. I believe I am in for another sleepless night. I got barely 3 hours of sleep last night. Just my luck I suppose, I can now breathe better and my body just will not wind down and go to sleep. I have made some effort on finding a roommate. I really am opposed to finding a roommate online but in this day and age its almost a requirement. I wonder if subjecting potential roomies with a background check will deter them. Hmm I maybe just be overly paranoid and slightly neurotic. Also probably a reason why I will be 30 before I am even close to getting married.

I might get some knitting done tonight pending getting that paper done. Most likely since I don't even feel a bit tired. Goodness I hope this doesn't bite me in my ass later this week. I am going to add my own little modifier to my soakers to maximize sizing. I did sell some yarn on ravelry last night. Alas it was Noro Silver Thaw and I just bought them a month ago at Cast-On on sale. i was thinking of making a feather and fan scarf with it eventually. Well, I made a wee of profit but I am just trying to scale down the stash. I will mail them out to her tomorrow between classes.

I am also thinking about buying a domain name after I get myself set up with stock and do some test selling on etsy. I have posted about 18 destash items and they are slowly getting views and hopefully they will all sell soon. If not, that box will be traveling with me when my knitting group does a spring destash swap of sorts. This weekend I finished my sleeve of my FLS. One down, one to go. I hope to have it completed by the end of the month.

Confusion is rampant!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ah, waiting for loan money... Its not fun waiting but I can't wait until I don't have to worry about my money all of the time. I am also looking for a roommate. It has its positives and negatives. On the positive side, I will have $500 or so in extra money to save and to do things with. On the negative side, I probably cannot walk around in my skivvies anymore. I am thinking positively that I will find the right person quickly. I was cleaning earlier this afternoon and came across some hand knits I have forgotten about. Some socks, a couple of scarves and a shrug I don't know what I knit it for. Its really heinous and will be frogged.

I did dinner and a movie with the Mister last night at his mom's. We ate turkey tacos and had a strawberry and peach shortcake for dessert along with chocolates from his mom's recent excursion to Switzerland. I highly recommend turkey tacos and going to visit the Swiss. Beef is not the healthiest for you and the Swiss keep their country spotless and beautiful.

The Mister and I caught up with last week's American Idol as well. Three of the contestants that went home this past week and should have made it through---it just shows how retarded America's concept of talent is. I mean look at America's Got Talent, that show is a circus and a joke. Katelyn Epperly did a wonderful job covering 'The Scientist' by Coldplay the week before last. She wasn't my pick to win but I sure liked her maybe because her hair was awesomely curly. I really am not a die-hard Idol fan, blame the Mister:) Things really aren't much better with him either, he is moody and communicating less. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. Hopefully something will improve soon. I did find him a template for his budding business that was exactly what he was looking for. After searching through 100 odd pages of Joomla templates, I am now being given the task of figuring out how to utilize it. I am a really caring person to do all of this for very little of anything in return.

Knitting is still plodding along. I started a fun fur scarf last night and I have such disdain for that yarn. It better make me a little extra money. I wouldn't get caught actually wearing one of those novelty scarves, but I sure will try and capitalize on them! I am almost finished another soaker this time in Eco +. I am going to add a modifier to size it better but I am not going to use an I-cord drawstring. The people that knit those for these are crazy! I hope to finish one sleeve of my FLS before I meet with the girls tomorrow at the coffee shop. And I need to write a paper before Tuesday...

UGH and some rays of sunshine!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My feeling about today is pretty low. I felt better and even got a bit of knitting done on my Clapotis that is taking me way too long to finish among other projects. I will be tight on money this month so that adds extra stress and burden. I did get a letter about my student loans today which will be processed as soon as I mail back my letter. That makes me happy:)

On the knitting front, I just started the second skein on my Clapotis. I am using only 2 skeins and knitting with Noro Kureyon Sock on US 8's. I raveled my other details here. I also started Mona's Jacket from the current issue of Interweave Knits. Its knit up in super bulky and I am using Cascade Bollicine. The yarn is great although I do snag the hose-like layer holding all that roving together occasionally. Its not a spring or summer knit but I am dying to stashbust as much as possible. I am through to the separation of the sleeves and maybe will have a picture of that tomorrow.

I still am prodding along on my February Lady sweater and I am disappointed that I couldn't get it finished for Ravelympics. I mean, some people knit Norwegian sweaters complete with colorwork and steeks. Sigh. I guess its just the monogamous knitting that got to me and I haven't actually worked on it for about 5 days.

I am still loving that Vanilla pattern I mentioned yesterday and I will be purchasing a cottage license to sell that pattern tomorrow. Kelly, the designer, has been very pleasant to message back and forth on Ravelry.

This is what I made yesterday in a variegated worsted with specs here. And I will finish one in Eco + tonight! I am sure it would be cuter if I actually had a baby's rump to feature it on. Maybe I can ask to borrow a babe for a couple of pictures next time I see them. I must remember to tote one around just in case;)

I am also stashbusting a ton of yarn which I hope to have all of it up for sale on Etsy here and its also listed on Ravelry here.

I have a new goal with parameters. In order to make money, I need to complete and post at least 2 items a day. This will limit my personal knitting to 1 day a week which will be Sunday since I meet up with my girls and on Wednesdays...wish me luck!

Have you ever seen the rain?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's raining today and I only seem to remember to buy wellies on days like this. Its been raining since I woke up at 9. Fortunately I will only be venturing out to knit in the early evening. Last night was a milestone for me since I am finally able to breathe through my nose! I can't say whether I snored or not, but I only woke up once.

I recently bought a soaker pattern via Ravelry called Vanilla . I have been tossing around the idea of buying it and spent many hours! researching it on Ravelry versus other soaker patterns. I definitely found a amazingly wonderful designer with such a concise pattern. I whipped up a little soaker in worsted weight last night. She even has a cottage license for a nominal fee in case I would in the future like to sell these. I wish more people wrote patterns like Kelly. I highly recommend buying it if soakers are something that you might knit.

I am focusing my spare time on my crafts. My knitting and crocheting has taken a backseat since a certain someone thinks I knit too much. I compromised by only knitting while he was on the computer. I feel a great loss of accomplishment with this and a higher level of stress. Tragically it doesn't seem like things are working out due to a lack of effort and dwelling in the past. So I in turn will be getting my crafting in order to maximize my profitability. I have a spare bedroom that is half organized and an apartment with yarn strewn everywhere. I have compiled a list of goals to promote productivity and cash flow!

1. Organize craft room and make other areas free and clear of yarn etc.

2. Take inventory of yarn and update stash.

3. Work on developing patterns for self and maybe future sales

4. Totally revamp etsy store and keep it locked stocked and ready.

5. Knit and crochet every chance I get!

I hope that these simple goals will keep me in line and keep my mind off of other things. Off to start anew!

Today is a new day

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I had surgery 6 days ago: a septoplasty and a bilateral turbinate reduction. Today is the first day that I feel that I am manageable and can get something accomplished. I have fallen behind in all the important things in life the last couple of weeks: politics, college basketball and knitting.

I bought a new sewing book last week One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. It looks great and maybe its my jump start into sewing. I have had my sewing machine for over a year and only used it briefly.

On the knitting front, I am working on building an inventory for a craft show this fall. I unfortunately will be knitting tons of fun fur scarves and lots of soakers. I recently bought around 70 skeins or so from another raveler and she asked me what exactly I was making with all of these. I felt a little defensive and wanted to retort "Why did you have all of this in your stash." Alas, I am trying to control my tongue and just laughed about it with a fellow knitter.

The to-do list items that I want to complete: post stash on ravelry, finish one FLS sleeve, finish my Twinkle sweater seaming, a rough draft of my History paper, clean out my car. Hopefully I can get at least 2 of these done today:)

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