Have you ever seen the rain?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's raining today and I only seem to remember to buy wellies on days like this. Its been raining since I woke up at 9. Fortunately I will only be venturing out to knit in the early evening. Last night was a milestone for me since I am finally able to breathe through my nose! I can't say whether I snored or not, but I only woke up once.

I recently bought a soaker pattern via Ravelry called Vanilla . I have been tossing around the idea of buying it and spent many hours! researching it on Ravelry versus other soaker patterns. I definitely found a amazingly wonderful designer with such a concise pattern. I whipped up a little soaker in worsted weight last night. She even has a cottage license for a nominal fee in case I would in the future like to sell these. I wish more people wrote patterns like Kelly. I highly recommend buying it if soakers are something that you might knit.

I am focusing my spare time on my crafts. My knitting and crocheting has taken a backseat since a certain someone thinks I knit too much. I compromised by only knitting while he was on the computer. I feel a great loss of accomplishment with this and a higher level of stress. Tragically it doesn't seem like things are working out due to a lack of effort and dwelling in the past. So I in turn will be getting my crafting in order to maximize my profitability. I have a spare bedroom that is half organized and an apartment with yarn strewn everywhere. I have compiled a list of goals to promote productivity and cash flow!

1. Organize craft room and make other areas free and clear of yarn etc.

2. Take inventory of yarn and update stash.

3. Work on developing patterns for self and maybe future sales

4. Totally revamp etsy store and keep it locked stocked and ready.

5. Knit and crochet every chance I get!

I hope that these simple goals will keep me in line and keep my mind off of other things. Off to start anew!


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