Flying off of the Needles

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have been knitting up a storm lately. Probably spawned by the SIX hours I spent at Meineke on Saturday. I finished a Thermis cowl and started Betty's Tee. Not very impressed with the Thermis cowl but I will modify the pattern a bit to make it again. I knit the ribbing in twisted rib (I like the cleaner look) and I should have changed the waffle pattern. Yuck.

Betty's Tee is knit in entrelac which I adore. The construction is a little vague but it is flying off of the needles. I am already finishing up one sleeve which looks like I am 80% done! I will post pictures as soon as I find my camera charger or more batteries. I am making it in Rowan Summer Tweed which is nice and pricey. I am worried about the length of the little tee but I can always pick up and knit a nice border around the bottom if needed. I hope that it fits and I will most likely knit this again. The cast-on is only 94 stitches for the smallest size and that was a little daunting to think about.

My Clapotis is blocking and I cannot wait to wear it! And I will be posting new scarves and soakers to Etsy hopefully later tonight. I knit a lovely soaker in Noro and I almost don't want to sell it even though I really have no use for a infant soaker. I do need to find a child to borrow to take a stock photo to use. I am also going to whip up some more flower earrings and start wearing them all the time. Nothing better than wearing your own knits to sell!

I cast on for Citron this weekend but I didn't like the yarn I was saving for it so I am going to use Cashwool in cream. Call me crazy to knit it in lace weight but I need to knit that out of my stash.

I am also swatching for my own shawl pattern! I am dawdling on this but I hope to have something completed by the middle of May.


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