Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its been a horribly long week, yesterday was by far the worse. Its actually the first St. Patrick's Day I spent by myself. I wish I could have been in Savannah enjoying the parade and vodka at 10 AM. St. Pat's has always been a favorite holiday of mine and I met Mister on St. Pat's two years ago. Not that it says much since he is not speaking to me right now. I might have someone interested in moving in, not sure yet.

The worst thing happened to me yesterday... I was buying shoes at DSW and I gave the associate my telephone number to look up my rewards card and I paid and I left. The next thing I know my phone is ringing. I thought it could be the girl interested in renting with me, so I answered. No. It was, in fact, a creepy ass 50+ year old that was standing behind me in line that apparently had a intent on memorizing my number. He then proceeded to ask me on a date. I told him he was a creep and hung up. And I blocked that number. I will be sending an email to their corporate office letting them know what happened and maybe they will change their procedure to type your own number in on the credit card terminal like many other companies. I am highly appalled and frankly disgusted.

In knitting news, I have gotten absolutely none done this week. I hope to knit some tonight. I did sign up for Stephanie Japel's Design your own Shawl class online found here. I am pretty excited about it:) Maybe I will have some pictures of finished items in a day or so!


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