Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No words can explain how I feel today. Well maybe shocked. I somehow always am getting in trouble for doing the right thing. I don't really know how to process what I got told today. I guess being efficient and asking people to help them with things is wrong? Wow. Wow. Wow. Has our society really gotten that lazy where people that actually have a work ethic are punished? I really miss working at CVS. I got to work to my heart's content and was commended and well loved. The only thing they could have fixed was the pay:)

Another thing that bothered me in the past couple of days was watching Harry Potter on Sunday on ABC Family. I think that the shows that they advertise on that channel is outrageous. Its called ABC Family and all of the shows are about teenagers getting pregnant. Again, what is wrong with society today? We have a morning-after pill especially targeted and advertised to 17 year-olds and under. I have seen my fair share of teenage pregnancies working in the pharmacy and girls as young as 12 are getting prenatal vitamins. Maybe I should move to Europe. America has become morally backwards and retarded.

I haven't done much actual knitting this week. I don't count knitting fun fur but I am still knitting that keyhole scarf. Maybe I will finish it today. A girl in one of my classes was wearing a fun fur scarf today. hehehe I can't help but think why people like those scarves so much? Is it the fact that its fuzzy? Or the fact that its called fun fur and comes in wacky colors?

My shawl designing class did start this week and I am really excited about it. Really really excited. I had to go to Decatur today and I stopped in Sheepish and bought Barbara Walker's second knitting treasury. I have been meaning to buy these and they are a wealth of stitch patterns for every knitter no matter the skill level. I am hopefully going to pick out stitch patterns to swatch up this weekend and pick the best one(s) for my first shawl pattern. For the knitter that is not so in tune with Barbara Walker check out this site. Its called the Walker Treasury Project and it is actually swatches of quite a few of her stitch patterns. These are shown in color and they have very detailed notes of the yarn used etc. in each post. The visual entries are growing quickly so soon all of the treasury stitch patterns will be on the site.

I really need to start exercising soon. And finish cleaning my house. And knit more. I am not doing a good job of any of this laying in bed and eating thin mints and watching reruns of Kell on Earth. By the way, I love her and a combination of her and Anna Wintour is the person I strive to be. Bitchy and fashionable. Tres chic.

Pictures next time:)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its been a horribly long week, yesterday was by far the worse. Its actually the first St. Patrick's Day I spent by myself. I wish I could have been in Savannah enjoying the parade and vodka at 10 AM. St. Pat's has always been a favorite holiday of mine and I met Mister on St. Pat's two years ago. Not that it says much since he is not speaking to me right now. I might have someone interested in moving in, not sure yet.

The worst thing happened to me yesterday... I was buying shoes at DSW and I gave the associate my telephone number to look up my rewards card and I paid and I left. The next thing I know my phone is ringing. I thought it could be the girl interested in renting with me, so I answered. No. It was, in fact, a creepy ass 50+ year old that was standing behind me in line that apparently had a intent on memorizing my number. He then proceeded to ask me on a date. I told him he was a creep and hung up. And I blocked that number. I will be sending an email to their corporate office letting them know what happened and maybe they will change their procedure to type your own number in on the credit card terminal like many other companies. I am highly appalled and frankly disgusted.

In knitting news, I have gotten absolutely none done this week. I hope to knit some tonight. I did sign up for Stephanie Japel's Design your own Shawl class online found here. I am pretty excited about it:) Maybe I will have some pictures of finished items in a day or so!

Moody Mondays

Monday, March 15, 2010

Today was my first day back at work after a glorious eight day, unpaid, no less, short cohort after my surgery. I actually had a surprisingly pleasant day at work. I even received a red tulip potted plant and a nice card as a 'get well' present. (Even though I am already well haha---its the point that counts right?) Unfortunately I cannot tell if I am just suffering horribly from allergies right now or I am allergic to the plant. My nose and eyes have been suffering for 2 days now so its probably just seasonal:)

I am writing this instead of wrapping up my history paper. Procrastination has literally got me wound around its pinkie. Sigh. I believe I am in for another sleepless night. I got barely 3 hours of sleep last night. Just my luck I suppose, I can now breathe better and my body just will not wind down and go to sleep. I have made some effort on finding a roommate. I really am opposed to finding a roommate online but in this day and age its almost a requirement. I wonder if subjecting potential roomies with a background check will deter them. Hmm I maybe just be overly paranoid and slightly neurotic. Also probably a reason why I will be 30 before I am even close to getting married.

I might get some knitting done tonight pending getting that paper done. Most likely since I don't even feel a bit tired. Goodness I hope this doesn't bite me in my ass later this week. I am going to add my own little modifier to my soakers to maximize sizing. I did sell some yarn on ravelry last night. Alas it was Noro Silver Thaw and I just bought them a month ago at Cast-On on sale. i was thinking of making a feather and fan scarf with it eventually. Well, I made a wee of profit but I am just trying to scale down the stash. I will mail them out to her tomorrow between classes.

I am also thinking about buying a domain name after I get myself set up with stock and do some test selling on etsy. I have posted about 18 destash items and they are slowly getting views and hopefully they will all sell soon. If not, that box will be traveling with me when my knitting group does a spring destash swap of sorts. This weekend I finished my sleeve of my FLS. One down, one to go. I hope to have it completed by the end of the month.

Confusion is rampant!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ah, waiting for loan money... Its not fun waiting but I can't wait until I don't have to worry about my money all of the time. I am also looking for a roommate. It has its positives and negatives. On the positive side, I will have $500 or so in extra money to save and to do things with. On the negative side, I probably cannot walk around in my skivvies anymore. I am thinking positively that I will find the right person quickly. I was cleaning earlier this afternoon and came across some hand knits I have forgotten about. Some socks, a couple of scarves and a shrug I don't know what I knit it for. Its really heinous and will be frogged.

I did dinner and a movie with the Mister last night at his mom's. We ate turkey tacos and had a strawberry and peach shortcake for dessert along with chocolates from his mom's recent excursion to Switzerland. I highly recommend turkey tacos and going to visit the Swiss. Beef is not the healthiest for you and the Swiss keep their country spotless and beautiful.

The Mister and I caught up with last week's American Idol as well. Three of the contestants that went home this past week and should have made it through---it just shows how retarded America's concept of talent is. I mean look at America's Got Talent, that show is a circus and a joke. Katelyn Epperly did a wonderful job covering 'The Scientist' by Coldplay the week before last. She wasn't my pick to win but I sure liked her maybe because her hair was awesomely curly. I really am not a die-hard Idol fan, blame the Mister:) Things really aren't much better with him either, he is moody and communicating less. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. Hopefully something will improve soon. I did find him a template for his budding business that was exactly what he was looking for. After searching through 100 odd pages of Joomla templates, I am now being given the task of figuring out how to utilize it. I am a really caring person to do all of this for very little of anything in return.

Knitting is still plodding along. I started a fun fur scarf last night and I have such disdain for that yarn. It better make me a little extra money. I wouldn't get caught actually wearing one of those novelty scarves, but I sure will try and capitalize on them! I am almost finished another soaker this time in Eco +. I am going to add a modifier to size it better but I am not going to use an I-cord drawstring. The people that knit those for these are crazy! I hope to finish one sleeve of my FLS before I meet with the girls tomorrow at the coffee shop. And I need to write a paper before Tuesday...

UGH and some rays of sunshine!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My feeling about today is pretty low. I felt better and even got a bit of knitting done on my Clapotis that is taking me way too long to finish among other projects. I will be tight on money this month so that adds extra stress and burden. I did get a letter about my student loans today which will be processed as soon as I mail back my letter. That makes me happy:)

On the knitting front, I just started the second skein on my Clapotis. I am using only 2 skeins and knitting with Noro Kureyon Sock on US 8's. I raveled my other details here. I also started Mona's Jacket from the current issue of Interweave Knits. Its knit up in super bulky and I am using Cascade Bollicine. The yarn is great although I do snag the hose-like layer holding all that roving together occasionally. Its not a spring or summer knit but I am dying to stashbust as much as possible. I am through to the separation of the sleeves and maybe will have a picture of that tomorrow.

I still am prodding along on my February Lady sweater and I am disappointed that I couldn't get it finished for Ravelympics. I mean, some people knit Norwegian sweaters complete with colorwork and steeks. Sigh. I guess its just the monogamous knitting that got to me and I haven't actually worked on it for about 5 days.

I am still loving that Vanilla pattern I mentioned yesterday and I will be purchasing a cottage license to sell that pattern tomorrow. Kelly, the designer, has been very pleasant to message back and forth on Ravelry.

This is what I made yesterday in a variegated worsted with specs here. And I will finish one in Eco + tonight! I am sure it would be cuter if I actually had a baby's rump to feature it on. Maybe I can ask to borrow a babe for a couple of pictures next time I see them. I must remember to tote one around just in case;)

I am also stashbusting a ton of yarn which I hope to have all of it up for sale on Etsy here and its also listed on Ravelry here.

I have a new goal with parameters. In order to make money, I need to complete and post at least 2 items a day. This will limit my personal knitting to 1 day a week which will be Sunday since I meet up with my girls and on Wednesdays...wish me luck!

Have you ever seen the rain?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's raining today and I only seem to remember to buy wellies on days like this. Its been raining since I woke up at 9. Fortunately I will only be venturing out to knit in the early evening. Last night was a milestone for me since I am finally able to breathe through my nose! I can't say whether I snored or not, but I only woke up once.

I recently bought a soaker pattern via Ravelry called Vanilla . I have been tossing around the idea of buying it and spent many hours! researching it on Ravelry versus other soaker patterns. I definitely found a amazingly wonderful designer with such a concise pattern. I whipped up a little soaker in worsted weight last night. She even has a cottage license for a nominal fee in case I would in the future like to sell these. I wish more people wrote patterns like Kelly. I highly recommend buying it if soakers are something that you might knit.

I am focusing my spare time on my crafts. My knitting and crocheting has taken a backseat since a certain someone thinks I knit too much. I compromised by only knitting while he was on the computer. I feel a great loss of accomplishment with this and a higher level of stress. Tragically it doesn't seem like things are working out due to a lack of effort and dwelling in the past. So I in turn will be getting my crafting in order to maximize my profitability. I have a spare bedroom that is half organized and an apartment with yarn strewn everywhere. I have compiled a list of goals to promote productivity and cash flow!

1. Organize craft room and make other areas free and clear of yarn etc.

2. Take inventory of yarn and update stash.

3. Work on developing patterns for self and maybe future sales

4. Totally revamp etsy store and keep it locked stocked and ready.

5. Knit and crochet every chance I get!

I hope that these simple goals will keep me in line and keep my mind off of other things. Off to start anew!

Today is a new day

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I had surgery 6 days ago: a septoplasty and a bilateral turbinate reduction. Today is the first day that I feel that I am manageable and can get something accomplished. I have fallen behind in all the important things in life the last couple of weeks: politics, college basketball and knitting.

I bought a new sewing book last week One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins. It looks great and maybe its my jump start into sewing. I have had my sewing machine for over a year and only used it briefly.

On the knitting front, I am working on building an inventory for a craft show this fall. I unfortunately will be knitting tons of fun fur scarves and lots of soakers. I recently bought around 70 skeins or so from another raveler and she asked me what exactly I was making with all of these. I felt a little defensive and wanted to retort "Why did you have all of this in your stash." Alas, I am trying to control my tongue and just laughed about it with a fellow knitter.

The to-do list items that I want to complete: post stash on ravelry, finish one FLS sleeve, finish my Twinkle sweater seaming, a rough draft of my History paper, clean out my car. Hopefully I can get at least 2 of these done today:)

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