Running on Empty

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Its been a hell of a time getting back into a routine. My last exams were Tuesday:) and I have been scrambling to finish Citron for Marcy. So a quick recap...

I got some more babysitting gigs. Hopefully they will use me a lot. One family will probably be very sporadic which is okay. Weird family dynamic. The other gig is 3 neighbors so I hope to get a lot of jobs from them.

I bought some books for summer reading at B&N. I know I bought Thunderstruck by Eric Larson. I read Devil in the White City and I liked it even though I did skip over some of the fair chapters since they were super boring! I bought 2 more but I really cannot think of what they are and they are in my car.

I will BO my Citron in I-cord at some point tomorrow. I guestimate I will need around 2 hours. Whew. I don't think it will take long to block so if I pin in out before I hit the bars it definitely will be dry by lunch on Saturday.

I am headed down to Savannah tonight and we might be going to A Taste of Alpharetta tonight. I vote for a nap since I am so tired. I will be buying a 5 hour energy shot soon. My brother is graduating on Sunday and I think its going to be very emotional. I will post pictures of some sort when I get back and hopefully I will be tanned.


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